A very simple and quick registration form.

Afterwards, the My Account screen allows you to configure up to 3 different email addresses for notifications. These can be cell phones with text messaging, Blackberry, an email program on your computer, etc. This is also where you tell the system how many hours per year you expect to fly. This helps the system decide when to send you reminders that are based on hours, rather than a elapsed calendar time.


On the Component Setup screen, you add each part you want to track. This could be an entire airframe (for tracking annual inspections), an engine (for tracking overhauls, oil changes, etc.), a magneto, a vacuum pump, the pitot-static system, or even a pilot (for reminders of BFRs and medicals).

There is a Logbook for entering the date and Hobbs or Tach Time of each action performed on one of the parts you are tracking. This serves as the basis for computing the date of the next scheduled actions.

Then you set up each reminder. You tell the system how much elapsed calendar time or how many hours of Hobbs/Tach Time you want to go by before the next action is due. For instance, you can set a reminder for the annual inspection or for a 100 hour inspection. In each case, the system will determine the proper date for the reminder, and will then give you an alert 1 month beforehand, 1 week beforehand, and also on the day before the action is due. Once you have set the reminders, you only need to keep your Logbook up-to-date in order to have the reminders reset themselves for the next action. You can turn each reminder on or off individually.

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