Registration is an alert and reminder service for pilots and aircraft owners.

Each account may be used only by a single aircraft, but multiple pilots can be included in the account. It is important that this rule be followed in order to prevent corruption of "Hours Per Year" calculations, upon which some of the reminders are based.

You select the components of your aircraft you want to track, and select which activities you want to be reminded about. Air Baboon can send reminder messages to any device that has an email address: the email program on your home computer, a text message to your cell phone, etc.

Reminders are sent 1 month, then 1 week, and finally 1 day prior to the due date. You tell us what time of day you would like to receive the reminders, and we will adhere as closely as we can to that schedule. You are responsible for any text messaging charges incurred through your wireless provider.

By registering, you signify your agreement with the following limitation of liability: No warranties are expressed or implied. In any event, our liability is limited to the amount you have paid us. Due to the nature of technology and the Internet, it is possible for messages to be delayed or lost in transit, so we do not guarantee server uptime or the timely generation or delivery of these messages. We highly recommend that you give us multiple addresses for delivery, and you are responsible for updating your profile when your email addresses or cell phone numbers change. We cannot be held responsible for delivery of reminders to incorrect addresses. You understand that you are solely responsible for adhering to federal regulations, and that this reminder service is merely an imperfect tool to HELP you remember these activities.

After registering, you will have the option to set up a subscription of $3.00 per month, or $29.00 per year, using a credit card or PayPal.

It will help greatly if you have your logbooks handy and know the Date and Hobbs or Tach Time of your last Annual, last Major Overhaul, and your the date of your last Medical and BFR.

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